ULTIMATE RACING - Kullager olja (20ml)

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Artikelnummer: UR0907

This is a bottle of Ultimate Hi-Speed Bearing Oil. This is an oil designed for use in bearings to keep them rolling free and smooth to help you get the most out of them every race. It comes in a 20ml durable, leak-proof bottle. Over the years the Modelix team has experimented with many different types of oils and oil formulas and have found this Hi-Speed Bearing Oil to be the best for keeping bearings smooth and clean, so they last longer and run better. Very good for use on dusty tracks and carpet tracks to combat the effects of dust and carpet hair contamination. Recommended for use immediately after bearing cleaning. We recommend to clean the bearings with the UR8405 Ultimate Racing Cleaning Unit with a spray cleaner and apply the Ultimate Hi-Speed Bearing Oil.