SKYRC - Temperaturmätare ITP380

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Artikelnummer: SK-500037-01
Leverantör: SKY RC

The compact SkyRC ITP380 infrared thermometer is used for the safe and contactless measurement of the temperature of special surfaces such as engines, chargers or entire vehicles. Compared to its predecessor, SkyRC relies on a classic TO-46 thermopile sensor. The sensor element, consisting of 116 elements of small thermocouples with an active area of 545 µm diameter on a silicon chip, absorbs the energy and thus generates the output signal. Depending on the surface, however, the measured value can deviate despite the same temperature. For this purpose, the thermometer can be adjusted to these different surfaces in order to display a more exact result.

surfaceEmission coefficient

Anodized aluminum0.77


Rubber, hard glossy sheets0.94

Carbon-containing surfaces0.98


Large measuring range -40 ° C (-40 ° F) up to 380 ° C (716 ° F)

Highly precise and fast infrared sensor

Four measurement methods: Quick Mode / Scan Mode / Max. Value / Min. Value

Unit of measurement in Celsius or Fahrenheit

The emissivity coefficient can be adjusted

The large LCD display can show the temperature, the emissivity coefficient and the battery capacity

With backlight to make the values easier to read

The measuring device has a low power consumption

Auto shut-off after 1 minute to increase battery life


There are 4 measurement methods. First, point the sensor at the top of the meter directly at the object to be measured and do one of the following:

Quick Mode: Press the "MEASURE" button once to measure the current temperature and show it on the display.

Scan Mode: Bring the aluminum cap as close as possible to the object. Press and hold the "MEASURE" button to measure the temperature continuously. The display will keep updating the temperature. After releasing the "MEASURE" key, the last measured temperature is displayed.

Maximum temperature mode: Point the aluminum cap at the object to be measured, press the "Mode" button once and keep the "MEASURE" button pressed. The thermometer will show the hottest or maximum temperature that has been measured.

Minimum temperature mode: Point the aluminum cap at the object to be measured, press the "Mode" button twice and keep the "MEASURE" button pressed. The thermometer will display the coolest or minimum temperature that has been measured.


Operating voltage:2x AAA battery

(sold separately)

Operating current:up to 40mA at 3V

Operating temperatur:0-50 ° C

Power consumption:up to 25ua at 3V

Setting range of the infrared radiation coefficient frequency:0.01-1

Accuracy:-40 ° C - 0 ° C (+/- 1.5 ° C)

0 ° C - 380 ° C (+/- 1.5 ° C)

-40 ° F - 32 ° F (+/- 3 ° F)

32 ° F - 716 ° F (+/- 3 ° F)


Dimensions:121 x 40 x 39.6mm