SCHUMACHER - Fusion Slim Gula 2WD Fram - 1/10 Buggy Däck (2)

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Artikelnummer: U6901
Leverantör: SCHUMACHER

Introducing the Fusion Slim, 1/10th 2WD front tyre from Schumacher.

The Schumacher Fusion Slim 2WD front tyre is developed from the popular Low Profile Cut Stagger.

It adds centre spikes for more steering and longer life, but maintains the Stagger edges and undercut sidewall. Therefore allowing any extra steering to be controllable and not too aggressive.

It is most suitable for high grip tracks, such as carpet or astro, and can knock tenths off your 2WD buggy lap times.

We recommend that it is used with the U6667 slim hard foam insert. If you have been using  LP Cut Staggers then your buggy may require some setup changes for more rear traction, to balance the increased grip from the front tyres.