HUDY - Body Fix 2 - 28g/1oz

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Leverantör: HUDY

Famous Body Fix glue with updated formula
50% less glue necessary to apply
Repairs broken areas
Fixes damaged/broken bodies
Strengthens and reinforces weak areas on body
Requires 24 hours to dry

HUDY Body Fix 2 is the next generation of the extremely popular HUDY Body Fix. Made in EU under the most strict eco requirements.

The formula of the HUDY Body Fix 2 allows to use 50% less glue than the previous formula and requires 24 hours to dry completely.

The Body Fix is the ultimate body fix for all your racing bodies. This specially-formulated glue fixes a damaged or broken body, and may also be applied to a new body to significantly increase the strength, reinforce weak areas, and extend the lifespan of the body. A "must have" for every driver.