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WHITZ - HyperGlide Bearing Set - LD3

  • 739 SEK

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Article Number: WRP-LD3-HG
Supplier: WHITZ

High-Performance Hybrid Ceramic Bearings for the Cougar LD3.


Increased Drivetrain Roll

Lower Friction

Cooler Temps

ABEC-5 Rating

Si3N4 Ceramic Balls

Stainless Steel


Schumacher Cougar Laydown LD3 2wd

Our "Full Kits" DO NOT include steering bearings.

We recommend every few track days to check for any necessary maintenance needs. If the bearings feel gritty or have reduced roll, remove bearings and clean with a citrus-based degreaser & lightly oil with a premium high temperature lube/oil like our TDK Bearing Oil. Car brake parts cleaner will ruin your bearings and is NOT recommended.