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ULTIMATE RACING - Nitro Engine MTS Ceramic "Team Edition" - 1/8 Off Road

  • 4 316 SEK

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Article Number: UR3401-MTSX

This is the MTS "Team Edition" engine from Ultimate Racing. The "Team Edition" concept uses the same Ultimate engines that are for sale, but the engines are assembled directly in our factory, completely broken-in and then thoroughly checked by our competition team to extract 100% of the performance of Ultimate engines.

There are many manufacturers that offer pre-break-in services performed on benches with propellers. The problem is that this method only works as a pre-break-in. It is still necessary to continue breaking in the engine on the track.

At Ultimate Racing we wanted to go a step further and offer our customers the possibility of purchasing fully broken-in and ready-to-race engines without the need for any additional break-in on track, i.e. engines that can be used in the most demanding competitions as you receive them, directly from the box.

To ensure quality and that all "Team Edition" engines are broken-in exactly the same, we have evolved a fully monitored break-in bench where temperature, RPM and break-in time are controlled at all times. The whole break-in process is performed with the engine perfectly lubricated to minimize the loads and wear of all the parts, significantly increasing its useful life.

During each of the break-in stages the engine's resistance torque is also controlled. Using this parameter, we know when the engine break-in is finished, ensuring that all of our "Team Edition" engines are perfectly broken-in and ready to compete.

Once the break-in process has completed, the engines are dismantled, checked piece by piece and assembled again by our competition team, thus ensuring the highest quality of product reaches our customers.