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RC-PROJECT - Tyre Glue Bands, Pink, 1/8 & 1/10 Buggy (4pcs)

  • 104 SEK
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Article Number: RCPJ-A024-P
Supplier: RC-PROJECT

The rubber bands is produced in a high-elasticity rubber capable of work from 1/10 Buggy to 1/8 Truggy.

Eight pull tabs are designed to ergonomically conform to your fingers so the user can adjust the rubber band to the each tire to apply the pressure where it is needed.

The RC-Project Tire Bands are available in 6 colours and will include 4 tire bands per package.


    Unique shape

    High-elasticity rubber

    Eight array of handles

    4 pieces included per package

    Fits: 1/10th, SCT, 1/8 Buggy, 1/8 Truggy