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LENSBODIES - Body BORA "Light Weight", 1/8 OnRoad

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Article Number: LB08BRA-L

Lens Bodies is happy to present the new BORA bodyshell for Onroad 1/8 class.

The front end has a very aggressive line with a greater protrusion than the bodies on the market in the central part which increases grip, steering and cornering speed.
The nose is not straight but is rounded thus providing more downforce in fast cornering.

The two fins with the 6 rear micro fins and the cockpit that closes the engine and filter are specially designed to avoid turbulence as much as possible and increase aerodynamic grip.
The two higher-than-normal side wings increase the smoothness and top speed of the car.

The entire side of the bodyshell has been designed for a better air flow and to avoid turbulence, furthermore this design also acts as a stiffener for the side bulkheads and to avoid deformation at high speeds.

The project was developed in the wind tunnel with the help of the fluid dynamics/aerodynamics department of the SUN University of Aversa.
We have thus managed to achieve a balance between downforce and smoothness of the model when cornering to achieve faster lap times.
This body has also been developed and approved along with our Factory drivers.