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BAT-SAFE - XL Silver Lipo Charging Safe Box

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Article Number: BSX-1-S
Supplier: BAT-SAFE

LiPo batteries can be dangerous and BAT-SAFE provides the safest experience over all others.  Whether it will be storing, transporting or most importantly charging.

We highly recommend all LiPo batteries should be charged and stored in a BAT-SAFE box and not a LiPo bag.

The BAT-SAFE is a double-walled insulated steel box with a flame arrestor. Any battery within the specifications will not be a fire hazard if charged or stored inside the BAT-SAFE.

In case of a fire, the smoke and soot is also filtered by the flame arrestor.

Don't just take our word for it, check out the many reviews on youtube.

It is easy to use, comes with a carrying handle and a removable charger stand.

You can charge and store up to a 4pc 6S 5000mAh equivalent (500Wh) safely inside the BAT-SAFE X large.

Do not exceed the manufacturers recommendation for maximum 500Wh for charging.

Wh = V x A

10 LiPo's - 2S (7.4v) x 6700 (6.7A) mah = 495.8 Wh 

Charging space: 240*165*380mm

Outer dimensions: 305*230*445mm

Weight: 3.7kg

Includes charger stand and velcro.