My name is Jessica.

I was born
November 3, 2002 in Lund and now I live in Furulund, Sweden.

I am a happy
and positive girl who likes to try new stuff, love all animals and nature.

I am a shy girl
but not afraid to compete against the "big guys"

Like to
potter, paint and play with my dad.

I look forward to
each new day, and also think that the rain can be fun!

when I was in the womb, I was "infected" by my father's hobby - RC cars.

of RC engines came with me everywhere, and today it's my hobby and lifestyle

and I love it! My
RC hobby and desire to get better has created many opportunities for

: I can travel and visit many great places, meet wonderful talented RC drivers and

new people and have
a lot of fun with Dad and Mom.

Thanks to during my
RC competing I have been in Japan, USA, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Norway, Danmark, Croatia, Portugal and Sweden.

collected some nice placements in races that I am proud of! I look forward to continue racing RC cars and always fight to get better!