MicroRacing my favorit "candy store", there you find the best of best RC products in Scandinavia! Are you looking for fast service, the best products, competitive prices or the "little extra" then the MicroRacing store is just for you. Long experience in the RC sport and especially in the competition's bite and a huge commitment, with a great sense of sport!
Kyosho is a model car company based in Tokyo, Japan since 1963. The company is one of the biggest and oldest model rc car makers in Japan and in the World, and produces a wide variety of products, including
radio-controlled cars, planes, helicopters, drones, mini-z and boats.

World Champion Products
Picco engines the family workshop, started from Mr Gualtiero Picco`s great enthusiasm and is now an enterprise which deals all around the world fitting the most sophisticated models with his engines, produced according the most advanced technology.
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Sanwa is a brand of wireless equipment best known for its high end radio controlled transmitters and servos for scale modelling use. Since 1959
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AKA  features World-class products by World Champions Gil Losi Jr and Joel Johnson. Aka tires are made in the USA to ensure the best quality, consistency and value for customers.
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In 1987, after returning from the world championships in England, Philippe Neidhart began matching cells using LavCo battery testers. A new era had begun in the RC industry. Team Orion was born and quickly imposed itself as the battery specialist, winning several world championships.
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Power Save Racing air filters, the best on the RC market.
Protects your nitro engine to 110% ...
The quality is when the customer returns and not the products

TQ Grafix design your RC world with quality!
Clothes, Decals, Trophies etc

Citybygg is a house and construction company based in Furulund.
They build the house just the way you want it!